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Photographer, Film-Video Producer/Director Luis Marin has been creating high quality content for some of the worlds most discerning clients since 1993. His commercial photography portfolio includes Pepsi, Starbucks, History Channel, A&E, Lifetime, ABC, NBC, The Discovery Channel, and a long list of growing enterprises. Luis’ still photography has been published in NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Miami Herald, People Magazine, Hollywood Reporter and Variety Magazine. In addition, he’s shot many exclusive red-carpet celebrity entertainment events for History Channel, A&E and Lifetime. He’s also photographed dozens of celebrities including Richard Dreyfuss, Hillary Swank, Geena Davis, Spike Lee, John Legend, MC Hammer, R. Lee Ermey, Bill Cosby, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Bratt, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Laura Bush, The Roots, Roger Daltrey, Edie Falco, and First Ladies Barbara Bush and Michelle Obama—both at the White House. As a Cameraman/Cinematographer, he’s partnered in creating documentaries, narrative films, commercials, broadcast and network television, and corporate videos. While responsible for concept creation, script writing, producing, directing, editing, and motion graphics as a staff producer/Director with Time Warner Cable, he produced over 100 commercials in less than two years. He was also hired to travel to Kenya, Sudan, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, and all over the US to document the humanitarian efforts of the United Methodist Church in the early 2000’s. Then in 2016, Lu traveled to Haiti where he produced a documentary on Haitian amputees from the Earthquake. Assorted side projects as Producer, Director, Writer, and Editor have included various short films and one feature film entitled SIMPLY BEING. He specializes in Film Video Production, Photography, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Painting and Drawing. Born in New York and currently living in Puerto Rico with his wife and three sons, when Luis isn’t surfing, he’s developing films and TV programming that speak to the Spanish English Bilingual community around the world, and actively seeking producers, investors, and writers to collaborate with. Connect with Lu